Nov. 26th, 2015

liwan: liwan (liwan)
out of curiousity, i dare myself turn more pages
but it seems loaded with destructions and darkness

i dreamt of being a nightwatcher
standing peacefully in the lighthouse

even stars cannot escape their fate
only to reach my eyes too late

after life is never my business
being departed from this life is my neverending laments

only me and this lighthouse
above only stars and dark veil

below is abyss of tears
witnessing people rise and fall

at sometimes, our realms become close,
there i hear the temple chanting and see celestial places

waiting for my whole existence
end of the whole journey of a circle

crossing the sanctuary of the extincted ones
through timeless space.


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Nov. 26th, 2015 09:25 pm
liwan: 赋琅琊 (Default)
i only remember smiles, without face
forever forgotten, today is also changing
through love and pain, i only remember smiles,
for all the wasted years, and years left to live on.

do you remember ?
the day our eyes first met,
we laughed so freely
exchanging smiles
we walked our different path

ten years passed,
our eyes met, soon look at somewhere else,
we smile as we walk to opposite direction,
thanking heaven taking care each of us safe and sound up til now
sighing, biting lips,
believing in the other part of this world
there are also people like us who are able to
walking together hand-in-hand toward same direction
taking same path, sharing kindness
may heaven protects them all the way.

compromising happiness
belated regrets


Nov. 26th, 2015 09:30 pm
liwan: liwan (liwan)
for a loner, anywhere he goes is the same
the color of the sun shine is forever grey
the rain sounds like the cracking bones
his paths forever lead to unanswered crossroads

from hannah_the_irin

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liwan: Ink-art (Buddhism)
from all fake and forced smiles,
flowing tears and shaken faith,
you’re the only one to bring me a genuine smile,
embrace me with your veil of hope for a better future.

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liwan: temple fishbell (bell)

we used to call each other, our mind there was only us
until you no longer appreciate it, because you find a new friend
like telling jokes, you mentioned me to your friends, it hurt me
until now, i could finally abandon you.

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liwan: 赋琅琊 (Default)
this feeling of loving a person,
even knowing she gonna leave me someday,
deep inside wishing she would stay,
thou dare not to expect much.

when the day comes,
let she be happy,
then i would have no reason to be sad,
meanwhile, remaining days are mine for her.

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It is You

Nov. 26th, 2015 09:44 pm
liwan: 赋琅琊 (Default)
i repeatedly play the same songs, maybe this is the hundreds time
unable to convey my feelings, therefore let other sings them for me

my friends said you were not match for me, but i turned blind that time
because i was happy, like an angel you pulled out the devil inside of me

because of you, i was happy. and because of you, i’m crying
the world becomes dark again, i am falling into deep sleep again.

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liwan: 赋琅琊 (Default)

memories are like spread of flowers
wind blows, they’re floating and gone without trace
who would comfort those tearful words
therefore she went to faraway land of exile.

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liwan: liwan (liwan)
Whenever I feel sad and down, disappointed and tired of this life, I would say to myself, “A human being must face pain, endure suffer, only then could really understand happiness, being grateful and become sincere.”

Some people define the source of happiness or sadness as desires. They then able to deduct their desires, as if sacrificing their own happiness, time, and even chance, in order to make other(s) happy. Maybe this kind of people are the happiest people indeed.

So I guess that’s right, living in this world, as long as we have a peaceful heart, a sincere living, those sacrifices means nothing to you.

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liwan: 赋琅琊 (Default)
let me go, set me free
lift up the spell, unbound me
from this neverending sea of bitterness
whether fall into the abyss
or fly high to the touchless sky
i will go there
without prides, without regrets
neither happiness, nor sadness
please, i have to go.

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liwan: liwan (liwan)
even under the same sky,
we were separated by a distance,
this distance, nothing can connect us,
even the wind will never blow through it.

stay the way we are, forever disconnected
i can only imagine the clouds above
are those white feathers of yours
fly high, borderless image, redefining reality.

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liwan: 赋琅琊 (Default)
the happiness when i open a window
soft and warm sun light greets me
celestial songs filled the air
this is heaven

in this life, the things i gained and the things i lost
all replaced by diminishing distance within the start and finish line
knowing it isn’t the beginning and the ending
sky above is wide and high, ground beneath is vast and deep

emotional breaks, illusions penetrate time
roaming freely, in sanctuary hidden from timeline.

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liwan: temple fishbell (bell)
the faces used to beside me, running together,
now i can see only their backs, fading away,
the songs used to accompany me, night and day,
now i’m the one who accompany them, sing forever.

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liwan: temple fishbell (bell)
it is in the morning, grey clouds hanging on the sky, the sun shines not very brightly
the air outside is little cold, on a table, a jar and a cup of hot tea served with a plate of verkade
there is no one around the room, as empty as the heart, occupied by no one, nothing left
laughable moments, tearful encounters and separations, flowed along the river, drowned into the borderless sea

eventually the greatest happiness on earth is the peaceful mind.
liwan: Ink-art (Buddhism)
you were born into this world only to leave me alone
hating myself will it would be better if we never met since the beginning
the same simple question asking why being born into this world
if in the end we are living life day by day to be only getting closer to death.

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Nov. 26th, 2015 09:54 pm
liwan: 赋琅琊 (Jia Chong)
i know karma is truly exist,
it works very fair and justice,
it’s just i should question my lifespan
whether enough time to witness it or not.

so why bother …

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liwan: Ink-art (Buddhism)
you know, it’s not a heartbroken song
singing it right now, just to convey my feeling
that somehow i miss you, treasure the old times a lot
but yeah, nothing last forever, no need to be too sad

i often lament our past, repeatedly asked myself ‘what if’,
my mind plays a monologue, as if you would reply all my questions
and here it is, the tears falling but at least i am able to smile
so what if it’s not our fate to be together any longer?

like an opened window, some things need the wind to come inside and take them out
they cant fly themselves, they can only pray for miracle
like a fish keep swimming, floating calmly in their sleeps,
so do we keep moving on, deal with problems in life, imbue every efforts with prayers

there were used to many regrets piled up
but at sometime, a heavy rain sinked and scattered them all to faraway ocean
such emotional memories no longer feel painful
to retrieve them only to remind me i am still okay and move on

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liwan: liwan (liwan)
please heart,
be calm-
try to survive the madness
when you feel too weak,
close your eyes,
pray to the stars,
they will lift the dark clouds,
sent you a comfort-

please heart,
be strong-
try to move on
when it’s too heavy
kneel down,
pray to the earth,
they will grow a flower
so you won’t be lonely

please heart,
be mindful-
try to focus
when you feel blind
take a deep breath
pray to the wind,
they will take you away
the moment will pass.

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liwan: Ink-art (Buddhism)
he said this mind is just like a cloud
in a state of confusion
between darkened vision
and forced enlightenment

he screamed not to be heard
his unhealed pains and sickness
were endurable through life times
who would tell lies when no one heard ?

now as his mind runs freely
the cloud is dispersed into the air
like the smoke of burning fire
and freezing ice

he asked if he could jump out from the train of life now
railway beyond is buried by the unsung ballads of prides and regrets
the neverending road is like a punishment, back-packed with endless thoughts
from the beginning til the end, he only sees a series of parallel occurrences from a distance.

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Nov. 26th, 2015 09:58 pm
liwan: Ink-art (Buddhism)

All living beings are the owners of their actions, heir to their actions, born of their actions, related through their actions, and live dependent on their actions.
Whatever they do, for good or for evil, to that will they fall heir.
liwan: Ink-art (Buddhism)
rest in my mind, at least
be at ease, loosen your gallop
listen more, less worry
say it with silence, stay for a moment
heart is raining, you’d be safe.

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liwan: Ink-art (Buddhism)
someone’s words slice your heart
feel, does your heart really bleed ?
whose mouth spilled those words ?
as long as not from yours, doesn’t matter.

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liwan: Ink-art (Buddhism)
life is … between this two paths :

walking to the one tree hill
bury a box beneath
no one knows, forgotten
as time goes by.

walking to the beach, sun bathing
building castle of sand, leave it alone
waves destroy it, the sun sets
tomorrow come again.

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Nov. 26th, 2015 10:01 pm
liwan: Ink-art (Buddhism)
every breath i take in my lifetime
is like the sand slipping through fingers
after it runs out, i grab a handful of sand again …
somehow i intend to just hide this hand into my pocket

but how could i ?

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